Hidden Amulet

Hidden Amulet

There are only a few remaining true Treasure Hunters nowadays, Lucy is one of them.  She comes from a linaje of the most adventurous treasure hunters that have ever existed. Since she was a little girl, Lucy has always been curious, listening to stories from her father and grandfather, it was not only childhood fantasies, it is something thats written on her DNA, a necessity to find ancient treasures and the adventures that this involves.
Lucy’s father spent half of his adult life obsessed with a specific hunt, The Hidden Amulet he called it. Years passed and this was unfortunately not a mission he could accomplish due to his age.
After finishing her degree, Lucy got a flashback of all the moments she was spying on her father’s office listening to him thinking and talking to himself trying to figure out where The Hidden Amulet was, the spark in his eyes and the passion he verted on that hunt was amazing and she knew that she needed to take on the responsibility to continue her father’s quest not only for him but for herself.
Studying her father's work, Lucy found a map hidden within a story. She barely recognise it was a map, she would say it was luck, but it could also be just faith. Investigating more and more on this specific story, Lucy figured out that there was a clever word game to lead on a wrong path to anyone who did not belong to that ancient civilisation. The Amulet seemed to date older than the Egyptians. She managed to draw a sketch of the map hidden in the words and it was still almost just guessing as there was no specific references.
After a couple months of extensive research and analysis, Lucy woke up feeling like she had a vision. It was somehow clear to her where to start looking. She grabbed the phone and called Trevor, her best friend, convinced him to join her on this adventure and both got ready to find that treasure.
On their way up steep mountains in freezing cold stormy weather, Lucy and Trevor got to a plateau with ruins. Lucy knew they were in the right place and that there was a code that needed to be found in one of those rocks to open a gate.
It was quite a puzzle to get it, it took them quite a time, but they finally managed. Big stone blocks moved to the side, the gate opened and a bright beam of light appeared. Overwhelmed, Lucy said: “This is it, we found the hiding place!”
But, is the Amulet still in there? Will Lucy and Trevor find it and get back home?

To be continued…