Descending Angel

Descending Angel

Pitch black was that night at that abandoned farm, about 20 min away from its closest town, it was perfect for a crime to not be discovered for a good time. No one who knew its past would visit that area since its last owner burned the whole place claiming it was hunted.

Only naive teenagers challenge each other but there is always an excuse to avoid going to the farm. But that night, a small group of youngsters overtook their fear and sneaked into it for a closer look. They are feeling more confident since they are not longer teenagers and with a nervous laugh decided to go.

At the place, wondering around, they started to feel comfortable and relieved, until suddenly it became pretty loud and dramatic due to the repetitive lightnings and thunders, they woke up a The Angel of Death, which was in a state of sleep while its soul is constantly punished due to sins she committed against her sister and brothers.

Full of pain, her soul uses attacked teenagers with brutal rage murdering them. This time the punishment she received is different, a bright light shines on her, the light of God. Now she can’t escape, she has no where to run and all of her power is taken. She is banned into hell where she is hold in chains and waiting for her final judgment.

Probably you will hear of this story in a few years when someone brave visits the farm only to discover the crime...

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Stockphotos by Faestock, Deviantart