Hidden Amulet, part 2

Hidden Amulet, part 2

Lucy's expectations were high at this moment. Heavy blocks of stone opened in the middle of the mountains showing them a set of stairs down. Lucy and Trevor started to carefully walk down the path, they feel some challenges are ahead. Indeed, lots of puzzles and dangerous traps, tiny walls full of spider webs and small animals living in the dark  could be heard all over the place. Trevor walks behind and carefully follows every step.
Human bones, skulls and weaponry could be seen on their way… They were clearly not here first adventures to discover the path, but could Lucy and Trevor be the first ones to make it to the main chamber? Yes! They  made it, self control and meditation was key to not let any emotion of early success let them make a silly mistake. Traps, Puzzles and obstacles were passed, they finally made it!  Lucy and Trevor arrived in a bigger chamber were they saw a blue light glowing from inside.
Lucy was curios, exited and a bit nostalgic... They found it, holding their breath, they sneaked through the last gap… walked in to an open space with the Hidden Amulet...
…but, a closer look reveals only a broken half of the amulet... What does this mean? Did somebody made it here and got away with the other half?!
Lucy carefully walked to the table, always fully aware of potential traps. She picked up the broken amulet and holding it in her hand, she could feel the power it has, even if it's just a half of it.
A lead to the other piece must be hidden somewhere here!, that can not be all, we need to find it!, Lucy says to Trevor with a curious smile showing that she is actually glad that the adventure continues...
But will they make it?…Where is the second piece? And who got it first taking only part of the Amulet?
… to be continued!

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