Attack at Midnight

Attack at Midnight The story between two kingdoms has come to an end as King red Lion been attacked at midnight in a surprise attack with no chance to escape. Post ProcessInfo Stockphotos: Deviantart, pexelphoto, myself

Hidden Amulet, part 2

Hidden Amulet, part 2 Lucy's expectations were high at this moment. Heavy blocks of stone opened in the middle of the mountains showing them a set of stairs down. Lucy and Trevor started to carefully walk down the path, they feel some challenges are ahead. Indeed, lots of puzzles and dangerous traps, tiny walls full of spider webs and small animals living in the dark  could be heard all over the place. Trevor walks behind and carefully follows every step.   Human bones, skulls and weaponry could be seen on their way… They were clearly not here first adventures to discover the path, but could Lucy and Trevor be the first ones to make it to the main chamber? Yes! They  made it, self control and meditation was key to not let any emotion of early success let them make a silly mistake. Traps, Puzzles and obstacles were passed, they finally made it!  Lucy and Trevor arrived in a bigger chamber were they saw a blue light glowing from inside.   Lucy was curios, exited and a bit nostalgic... They found it, holding their breath, they sneaked through the last gap… walked in to an open space with the Hidden […]

Hidden Amulet

Hidden Amulet There are only a few remaining true Treasure Hunters nowadays, Lucy is one of them.  She comes from a linaje of the most adventurous treasure hunters that have ever existed. Since she was a little girl, Lucy has always been curious, listening to stories from her father and grandfather, it was not only childhood fantasies, it is something thats written on her DNA, a necessity to find ancient treasures and the adventures that this involves. Lucy’s father spent half of his adult life obsessed with a specific hunt, The Hidden Amulet he called it. Years passed and this was unfortunately not a mission he could accomplish due to his age.   After finishing her degree, Lucy got a flashback of all the moments she was spying on her father’s office listening to him thinking and talking to himself trying to figure out where The Hidden Amulet was, the spark in his eyes and the passion he verted on that hunt was amazing and she knew that she needed to take on the responsibility to continue her father’s quest not only for him but for herself.   Studying her father's work, Lucy found a map hidden within a story. […]

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai His entire life has led up to this day. To the battle to defend the temple of his lord and clan.Zen meditation before sunrise will allow him to maintain perfect composure amidst the madness of brutal combat.He visualises every step, every movement – synchronising the mastery of his mind and sword.His mind enters a new dimension and he is ready to defend and fight for his kingdom – and, if needs be, ready for the ultimate sacrifice.There is a time for cold steel and the spray of warm blood, and that time has come.  He is ready for the final battle. He is ready to fulfil his destiny as the last samurai. Info Stockphotos - .deviantart.comSamurai - phelandavionStone Forest - fa-stockForest - meihua-stockTemple - cynnalia-stock

Descending Angel

Descending Angel Pitch black was that night at that abandoned farm, about 20 min away from its closest town, it was perfect for a crime to not be discovered for a good time. No one who knew its past would visit that area since its last owner burned the whole place claiming it was hunted.Only naive teenagers challenge each other but there is always an excuse to avoid going to the farm. But that night, a small group of youngsters overtook their fear and sneaked into it for a closer look. They are feeling more confident since they are not longer teenagers and with a nervous laugh decided to go.At the place, wondering around, they started to feel comfortable and relieved, until suddenly it became pretty loud and dramatic due to the repetitive lightnings and thunders, they woke up a The Angel of Death, which was in a state of sleep while its soul is constantly punished due to sins she committed against her sister and brothers. Full of pain, her soul uses attacked teenagers with brutal rage murdering them. This time the punishment she received is different, a bright light shines on her, the light of God. Now she […]

Explore My World

Explore My World This project is a bit of my own advertisment as it represent my logo as an ancient old stone rock together with old ruins on a mountain hill.A secret place hidden in a area between high mountains filled with old ruins and ancient stories. This scene captures the moment of a wanderer girl on her journey through the world holding a map. She found the secret spot and is overwhelmed within the view of that stunning landscape. Taking a deep breath, enjoing the moment and the view. Beneath the giant stone there lies a entrance to a new world... my world... go and explore my world.Big thanks for Vicky for not just beeing a great model in the picture but she also hand drawn the map she is holding.It was great working together! Post ProcessInfo Photo of vicky by meStockphotos: deviantart