Explore My World

Explore My World This project is a bit of my own advertisment as it represent my logo as an ancient old stone rock together with old ruins on a mountain hill.A secret place hidden in a area between high mountains filled with old ruins and ancient stories. This scene captures the moment of a wanderer girl on her journey through the world holding a map. She found the secret spot and is overwhelmed within the view of that stunning landscape. Taking a deep breath, enjoing the moment and the view. Beneath the giant stone there lies a entrance to a new world... my world... go and explore my world.Big thanks for Vicky for not just beeing a great model in the picture but she also hand drawn the map she is holding.It was great working together! Post ProcessInfo Photo of vicky by meStockphotos: deviantart

Surf spots

This was a project which two of my friends asked me to do for them. Both are big surf fans and they wanted to have a cool location surf spot one more for girls which feels like in paradise and one more rough for guys. It should be a image for their wall at home!I have been shooting both of the models and used stockphotos by shutterstock and deviantart to bring together a nice panoramic image. You can watch a speed retouch video from my 'Surf Spots' composite on my "Backstage" page. Check below shown the images in full sice as well a short animation gif of the post process work. Hope you enjoyed it! Full panoramic images   post process