The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai His entire life has led up to this day. To the battle to defend the temple of his lord and clan.Zen meditation before sunrise will allow him to maintain perfect composure amidst the madness of brutal combat.He visualises every step, every movement – synchronising the mastery of his mind and sword.His mind enters a new dimension and he is ready to defend and fight for his kingdom – and, if needs be, ready for the ultimate sacrifice.There is a time for cold steel and the spray of warm blood, and that time has come.  He is ready for the final battle. He is ready to fulfil his destiny as the last samurai. Info Stockphotos - .deviantart.comSamurai - phelandavionStone Forest - fa-stockForest - meihua-stockTemple - cynnalia-stock

Explore My World

Explore My World This project is a bit of my own advertisment as it represent my logo as an ancient old stone rock together with old ruins on a mountain hill.A secret place hidden in a area between high mountains filled with old ruins and ancient stories. This scene captures the moment of a wanderer girl on her journey through the world holding a map. She found the secret spot and is overwhelmed within the view of that stunning landscape. Taking a deep breath, enjoing the moment and the view. Beneath the giant stone there lies a entrance to a new world... my world... go and explore my world.Big thanks for Vicky for not just beeing a great model in the picture but she also hand drawn the map she is holding.It was great working together! Post ProcessInfo Photo of vicky by meStockphotos: deviantart

Surf spots

This was a project which two of my friends asked me to do for them. Both are big surf fans and they wanted to have a cool location surf spot one more for girls which feels like in paradise and one more rough for guys. It should be a image for their wall at home!I have been shooting both of the models and used stockphotos by shutterstock and deviantart to bring together a nice panoramic image. You can watch a speed retouch video from my 'Surf Spots' composite on my "Backstage" page. Check below shown the images in full sice as well a short animation gif of the post process work. Hope you enjoyed it! Full panoramic images   post process    


Kindergarden Every adult has its inner child. We dont grow up, we stay young, creative always on discovering new things pushing our limits. We wanted to create a panoramic view of a playground where instead of kids, adults are playing. In the composition we decided to shoot it a dawn as we wanted to creaty a kind of a myystic mood and also gave the adults bigger heads as it looks more childish. See below the post process of the Kindergarden image. Post Process

Mother Nature

Mother Nature I have created this one for A composer contest form DIY photography. The main challange was that we only can use stockphotos from them which they provided for the contest. Not allowed to use any other stock or something else. I had the cool idea to combine one of the fashion stock with some funny & comedic but also to give it a nice cinematic and dramatic scene view. You can watch a speed retouch video from my 'Mother Nature' composite on my "Backstage" page.Below you find the full image. Full Image